What are Booklet labels ?

Booklet labels combine an ordinary folded leaflet with a Printed self-adhesive labelUnick Fix-a-Form & Printers Ltd is part of an exclusive network of label printing companies and sole suppliers of Fix-a-Form multi-page labels serving the Indian packaging industry since 1993. 

Devised by sister company Fix-a-Form International in the late 1970’s for an agrochemical manufacturer, the Fix-a-Form® brand is today in global demand. Today Fix-a-Form booklet labels are available from over 20 licensees in more than 50 territories.

Booklet labels offer a range of advantages for brand owners and manufacturers. Here’s a short summary of the benefits:

  • Increased space for information and promotion.
  • Vital instructions instantly available to the end-user.
  • Automatically applied using standard labelling equipment.
  • Adaptable to virtually any container type, in a variety of formats.
  • Reduces packaging costs - no need for separate leaflet and carton.

Laminated versions for moisture resistance, durability & application to tightly curved containers.